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Ward & Sons

Founded 1848 by George Ward who began brewing in 1878. It was registered in 1919 as a private company. Acquired by Taylor, Walker of Limehouse in 1957 with 31 tied houses.

Luncheon Ale 1910s

Stout 1910s

Luncheon Stout 1910s

Pale Ale Light Bitter Cask label 1910s

Stout cask label 1920s

XXXX Strong Ale 1920s

XX Mild Brown Ale Cask label 1920s

Pale Ale Cask label 1920s

Special Dark Family Ale 1930s

Gold Medal Pale Ale 1930s

No.1 Strong Ale 1920s

Pale Ale 1920s

Imperial Burton Ale 1930s

Imperial Pale Ale 1930s

Oatmeal Stout 1930s

Stout 1930s

Burton Ale 1930s

Special Family Ale 1930s

Guinness 1930s

Burton Ale 1940s

Imperial Ale 1940s

Imperial Ale 1940s

Gold Medal Pale Ale 1950s

No 1 Strong Ale 1950s

Oatmeal Stout 1950s

Stout 1950s

Pale Ale stopper label

Stopper labels

Guiness 1950s