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Cook & Sons Ltd

Originally at the Griffin, Halstead, G.E.Cook and Sons built the Tidings Hill Brewery in 1908. They owned no public houses, but supplied their 10 off licences plus a large number of local accounts. Registered as late as 1961, the brewery closed in 1974, their bottled beers were then supplied by Ridleys.

Double Stout 1920s

Brown Ale 1920s

Brown XXX Ale 1930s

Nourishing Stout 1930s

Pale Bitter Ale 1930s

XXX 1930s

Stopper labels 1930s

Guinness 1930s

Burton Dinner Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1940s

Nut Brown Ale 1940s

Golden Ale 1940s

Golden Ale 1950s

Nut Brown Ale Half 1950s

Nut Brown Ale Pint 1950s

Nut Brown Ale late 1950s

Guinness 1950s

Stopper Labels 1950s

Golden Ale 1960s

Nut Brown Ale mid 1960s

Golden Ale mid 1960s