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Bristol United Breweries Ltd

Bristol United was registered in 1889 to merge Bowley & Bristow, of the St.Paul’s Brewery; Bishop & Butt Ltd, of the Redcliffe Mead Brewery; J.H.Lockley & Sons, of Lewins Mead Brewery, M.Reynolds & Co, Imperial Brewery, Bedminster and Daniel Sykes and Co. of the Redcliffe Brewery. The registered office was at the Lewins Mead Brewery and brewing took place there as well as St Paul’s Brewery, until it was closed in 1912. The company was acquired by the Bristol Brewery, George & Co in 1956 and brewing ceased soon afterwards.

Invalid Extra Stout early 20th century

Home Brewed early 20th century

Oatmeal Stout early 20th century

Extra Double Stout early 20th century

Home Brewed 1920s

Flagon Home Brewed 1920s

Flagon Home Brewed 1930s

Home Brewed 1930s

Amber Ale 1930s

Bitter Ale 1930s

Pale Ale 1930s

Scotch Ale 1930s

Stout 1930s

United Nip 1940s

Guinness 1940s