International Society of Label Collectors & British Brewery Research


Alton - Bluff City Brewery Inc.

Aurora - Aurora Brewing Co.

Cairo - Cairo Brewing Co.

Chicago - Atlas Brewing Co.

Chicago - Columbus Brewing Co.

Chicago - Cooke Brewing Co.

Chicago - Dewes Brewery Co.



Chicago - Fortune Brothers Brewing Co.

Chicago - Pilsen Brewing Co.

Chicago - P. Schoenhofen

Chicago - Schoenhofen Brewing Co.

Chicago - Standard Brewery

Chicago - Standard Brewery

Chicago Heights - Home Brewery of Chicago Heights

Chicago Heights - Chicago Heights Brewing Co.

Chicago Heights - MacDonald Brewery

Elgin National Brewing Co, Elgin IL

East St Louis - Central Brewery

East St Louis - Independent Breweries Co.

Highland - Highland Brewing Co.

Huntley - Huntley Brewing Co.

Granite City - Wagner Brewery

Ottawa - Ottawa Brewing Association

Rockford - Rock River Brewing Co.

Trenton - Trenton Brewing Co.


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