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In addition to the information in the Corporate members page, we learned on our visit that the bottling plant was only opened in 1938, so all the bottle labels date from then. It is likely that the first labels had ‘bottled at’ on the label to celebrate the opening of the bottling line. It is also likely that the keg label was earlier.

The first labels featured a trademark in the top half of the inner oval. Later labels featured the 1843 boat.

Keg label

Amber Ale 1938

Home Brewed 1938

Mild Ale 1938

Pale Ale 1938

Stout 1938

Home Brewed

Pale Ale



Stopper labels

Brown Ale

Special Stout 1950s

Special Stout 1960s

Strong Brown

Cup Final 1969

Paddington 125 1979

Royal Wedding 1981

King George V 1982

GWR 150 1985

Promotion Lager 1986

Marylebone Centenary 1999

Evening Advertiser 2004

Swindon Pride 2015