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Selby (Middlebrough) Brewery Ltd

Founded as a malting company around 1870. Brewed as J.N. & G. Middlebrough  from the early 1900s  Registered in 1945 as Selby (Middlebrough) Brewery. Brewing stopped in 1954 because it made economic sense for sell products from Dutton’s Blackburn Brewery (beers from the Kirkstall Brewery?). The public houses were sold to Duttons in 1964 and the business was continued as beer bottlers and retailers.

Brewing recommenced by Martin Sykes, a relative of the original owner in 1972 but they only brewed occasionally.

Diamond Brown 1920s

Diamond Pale 1920s

No 1 Selby Ale 1930s

No 3 Selby Ale 1930s

Old Tom Strong

Selby Pale Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1940s

Special Pale Ale 1940s

No 1 Selby Ale 1940s

No 3 Selby Ale 1940s

No 1 Selby Ale 1970s

Old Tom 1940s on

Selby No3 1970s

Fireiron Bitter 1970s

Brahms & Liszt 1970s

Old Tom 1970s

Celebration 1979