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Harvey & Son (Lewes) Ltd

A business in the name of John Harvey dates back to 1790. Early records indicate he supplied wines, spirits and beer in the Lewes area. Brewing began as a sideline and in 1839 a brewery was built on the current site at Bridge Wharf. John’s sons continued the development of the brewery and by 1859, they owned a number of public houses in Sussex. The company has remained in the family through a number of generations, although it was registered as a private company, Harvey & Sons (Lewes) Ltd in 1928. In 1958, the nearby Star Lane Brewery of Beard & Co closed and the pubs were supplied with beers brewed by Harvey,  including Beard’s Blue Label. The company maintains it’s independence and continues to brew their excellent beers.

Oat Malt Stout 1920s

Oat Malt Stout 1920s

Extra Stout 1930s

Extra Stout half 1930s

Family Ale 1930s

Family Pale Ale 1930s

Oat Malt Stout 1930s

Oat Malt Stout stopper 1920s

Stopper labels 1930s

Guinness 1930-36

Extra Stout stopper label

No 1 Strong Ale 1940s

India Pale Ale 1940s 2

India Pale Ale 1940s

Family Pale Ale 1940s

XXXX 1952

Elizabethan Ale 1953

Brown Ale 1950s 2

Brown Ale 1950s 3

Brown Ale 1950s

Extra Stout 1950s

Heavy Brown 1950s

No 1 Brown 1950s

India Pale Ale 1950s

Lewes Ale 1950s

Blue Label Beard

Blue Label 1960s

India Pale Ale 1950s 60s