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Shepherd Neame Limited

A long time supporter of the Society.

Brewing on the site in Faversham in north Kent, can be traced back to the 16th century. By at least 1698, Richard Marsh was brewing there and after his death in 1741, the business was acquired by Samuel Shepherd. In 1866 the business became Shepherd Neame. It was registered as Shepherd Neame & Co. Ltd. in November 1914 & changed it’s name to Shepherd Neame Ltd in 1919. The company is now Britain’s oldest brewer and continues to brew independently.


Shepherd Neame’s own website can be found HERE.

A small selection of the labels produced by the company over the years can be found on this page, a more substantial selection can be found HERE

Single Stout 1930s

Bitter Ale 1930s

Light Dinner Ale 1940s

Sheps Light

Pale Ale post 1956

Light Ale late 1950s 60s

Xmas Ale 1960s

Mild Beer cask label