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Evan Evans, Bevan Ltd

The Vale of Neath brewery was founded by David Evans in 1846 and acquired by Evan Evans in 1850. He also owned the Swansea Vale Brewery, founded by David Bevan, from the 1860s, which was not closed until 1937.  Finally succumbed to Whitbread & Co’s desperate attempts to catch up with the other national brewers in 1967. Brewing finally ended in 1972.

3 Bs 1920s

Strong Ale 1920s

Light Bitter Ale 1920s

Nut Brown Ale 1920s

Mild Ale 1920s

Mild Ale 1920s 30s

Mild Ale 1920s

Sparkling Dinner Ale 1930s

Super Strong Ale 1930s

Amber Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Crown Ale 1930s

Crown Ale 1930s

1930s stopper labels

Golden Ale 1940s

India Pale Ale 1940s

Vale Special 1940s

Amber Ale 1950s

Vale Special 1950s

Nut Brown Ale 1950s

Fireside Ale 1950s

Fireside Ale stopper

Silver Crown Ale 1953 Coronation

Silver Crown neck label

Golden Ale 1950s

Mellow Stout 1950s

Golden Heart Lager 1960s

Brown Ale 1960s

Crown Ale 1960s

Bitter Ale 1960s

Vale Special 1960s

Nut Brown Ale 1960s