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Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd

One of our very keen (e)Bay watchers has advised that a label from the above company sold on the well known internet auction site for over £100.And he wonders if this is a record for this particular type of label, namely a bottler of beers, rather than a brewer.

I am not sure what the current record for a single brewery label is either. Last I heard it was over £1000, but I am sure several of our regulars will be able to give us an update on this & perhaps even provide a scan of the label in question.

As you know we try not to miss the opportunity of bringing you images of labels you may not have seen before, so here are three labels from Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd.


Our thanks to he that ‘watcheth’ the auction sites & to Eric for the scans of what I think are truly stunning labels. I look forward to seeing your comments

4 Responses to Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd

  • Actually I had one label from T.B. Hall Liverpool once sold in UK for 50 pounds. In Netherlands the label was not interesting for the collector. I expect when I put my very rare Reads Brothers from 1915 on the market I can raise much more. Over 200? I will not sell it as it is a gem in my collection with a very interesting story behind it.
    The rarety of labels and the price depends on at least two bidders going for the ultimate. Thereafter the worth is practically nill.

  • It is true that there is no intrinsic value in labels but it’s the rarity that creates value. As we know, you run the risk (if you buy at a high price) that someone finding a large supply of the same label would seriously damage your investment. Please let me know if you find a supply of Brighton & Hove Wine Co labels!

  • It is always a delight to see labels such as these for the first time. Thank you Eric!

  • Peter
    Thought you may have seen these ex VS Nottingham & they may also have been in early days at Loddon.
    Cracking labels, always sold well. Just wish I could have afforded one of them. Oh well roll on the lottery win.

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