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AGM 10th June @ Fullers Update

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Our AGM this year is very kindly being hosted by Fullers.

The date is 10th June & the meeting starts 13.00 in the Main Conference Room.

For anyone who doesn’t know the location please see below for the full details.

Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, Chiswick Lane South, London, W4 2QB. The timetable for the event is below.

** 11.30 – Committee Meeting **

** 12.30 – AGM starts **

** 13.45 – Auction of Des Clarke Labels **

** 14.30 to 15.30 – Brewery Tour (concentrating on the history) **

** 15.30 – Buffet in the Mawson Arms (on site) **

Beer, Soft Drinks and the Buffet at the Mawson Arms are being provided courtesy of Fuller’s.

Those who would prefer not to do the tour are of course welcome to go to the Mawson Arms instead once the AGM is over.

We must thank Eric for making this return visit to such an excellent venue, a reality.

Hopefully we will see a good number of you there on the day!

One Response to AGM 10th June @ Fullers Update

  • To all Members:
    It is a great honour for the Society to be invited by Fullers, one our Corporate Members, to hold our AGM at their facilities and to provide us with exceptional hospitality!
    In respect of this, I would request that all our Members make an effort to attend.
    Now an AGM may seem boring but this meeting does come with other benefits even beyond those being offered by our host, Fullers. First, with many members there, there will be great opportunities for swapping labels with other members and adding to your collection. Second, with the auction of labels from the Des Clarke Collection, there will be some great labels to bid on. And third, it will be a great social opportunity to discuss labels, beer and breweries that you are interested in.
    So please make your plans now to attend and we look forward to seeing you on the day!
    Dale Adams, Chairman/Secretary

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