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We did it!!!


5 Responses to We did it!!!

  • Hi Peter!
    Just checked the ‘ticker’ on website visitors and see that it has turned over 1,000,000!!!!
    What an achievement!! Well done to you & Pete for all the hard work making our site such a success!!
    Thanks also for the others out there that have contributed and a reminder to all of you out there that have not contributed to say ‘why not’!!!!! Come on! Dust off those label albums and scan a few interesting labels and get them to Pete! If you are not a part of this success, SHAME ON YOU!! Get with it!

  • Further to my post above, I would like to challenge all you Labologist out there to find and send Peter any and all labels that make reference to a ‘million’ to help us celebrate our site achieving 1,000,000 visits!
    Come on you guys, you must have something!! Get on it!

  • Very good guys. It has given me three years of pleasure and lots of learning. Is that Million Pale Ale real or did you make it up?

  • I will say again. First visit on the day you millioned. Really interesting site.

  • Amazing, well done! It feels like a birthday or New Years Eve with all this jubilation! A great site, with my favourite feature being ‘desert island labels’. Keep up the great work and an even quicker 2 Mil!

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