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Newport Castle

This is an accurate representation of Newport Castle as it looked before the river turned the grass in front of the castle into mud. A very attractive label from Lloyd’s (Newport) Ltd. It does prompt the question – was there a similar label issued by Lloyd and Yorath before the name change in 1949?

Newport Castle

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  • You might like to know that Searle & Herring converted the castle pictured in the label (which was by Newport bridge) into a brewery back in the C19th. When the the brewery closed after having been taken over by Lloyd & Yorath, it fell into disrepair and is now the ruined castle which one sees from the train just before getting into Newport station from the east. So, in this case a castle was not just a trademark, it was also a brewery. Gosh! There is an advertising poster – I believe in the Olde Meringer House pub – showing the the brewery/castle with Searle & Herring’s advertising hoarding on its roof.

  • Hi Alastair,
    What an amazing bit of history! Many thanks for passing it on. I really enjoy these little bit of information that adds greatly to my enjoyment of such a lovely label!

  • “East” should have been “West”. Sorry about typo.

  • I must have been drinking too much beer. My “typo” mistake was correct after all. Anyway, it’s on the station side of Newport Bridge over the muddy River Usk. And a lovely “old” ruin after all. Only the Welsh could think of converting an old border castle into a brewery. Now, there’s a good idea for Windsor Castle. That’d put it it to good use.

  • A wonderful idea. We could move the current occupants into a B&B, somewhere nice, like Dover.

  • I feel that the current occupants should be able to ‘share’ a bit of space for a nice sized micro-brewery! Might be a favourable bit of PR for them! Any suggestions out there for a ‘appropriate’ name for this brewery???

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