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Devizes Castle

No mistakes today. At first I thought this was another stylised castle for use as a trade mark, but after carefully exploring all the images of Devizes Castle that google could provide, I think there is a hint of the gate and if you ignore the fact that the tower on the right should be round, it could possibly be Devizes Castle. There is a large enamel Wadworth’s sign in existence, which  has a similar trade mark, but with two round towers. I now think I was right at first, but good to get a Guinness label on here.


One Response to Devizes Castle

  • The “castle” with portcullis gate on it represents the Northgate of Devizes. Wadworth’s Northgate Bfrewery dominates the northern end of the Devizes High Street/Market Place and I believe sits on top of where the old North Gate of the medieval town was. It’s been goood old “Waddy’s” trademark since dear knows when and I hope it will remain so for many, many years to come.

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