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Burg Brauerei, Hamburg

Thank you to Dr. Steffen for a number of images of labels from German Breweries. First of these is this one from the Burg Brauerei featuring a castle in the mountains. I understand this beer is to be guaranteed pure and free of a form of salicylic acid. Should cause no digestive problems.

Burg Brauerei

3 Responses to Burg Brauerei, Hamburg

  • Question: was ‘Burg Brauerei’ really a brewery or just a fake export label? At that time breweries had to deal in some export countries with concessions, restricting the import to a maximum level per country. Remarkable is the spelling error in the label. ‘Garantirt’ should be ‘garantiert’.
    The Dutch Phoenix brewery had several German labels for export.

  • I will make sure Dr Steffen gets your question. It does add to the interest. And full marks for spotting a possible spelling error.

  • It’s a good question and I know that there are plenty of labels from beer importers and unidentified labels. So, what’s to do? If a label has an trade mark like this one we have to investigate in the patent office. And yes, there was a brewery with this name in Hamburg, located in Hufenstrasse 49/53. In 1910 Burg Brauerei was registered as a limited liability company. In 1920 the Löwenbrauerei Hamburg took over the brewery and closed it dow.
    The spelling of “garantirt” is typically for the 19th and early 20th century. And you are right, now we write it “garantiert”.

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