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Spot the Difference #1 – Gartsides Old Tom

Despite having collected labels on and off for over thirty years there is always a surprise waiting round the corner.


This is particularly true if you are deeply interested (or should that be really sad?) in finding the minute differences between different issues of  a particular label.

Gartsides comparative


The Old Tom on the left I have had in my collection for a number of years and until recently I assumed it was the only version around. Until that is I came across the one on the right, which I believe to be an earlier design of the label. At first sight it appears that it is just heavier ink deposition, but look closer & you will see the area of ‘grass’ the dog is standing on is definitely different. What other differences can you find?


If there is positive feedback (or any at all) on this post, I shall do my best to provide more examples of labels with small, but clearly discernible differences.

One Response to Spot the Difference #1 – Gartsides Old Tom

  • I tend to agree with your thoughts on which is the earlier label. Also ‘G’ of horizontal Gartsides is taller in left hand version and the shaped items in the background of B & B panel are definitely different.
    Look forward to more of the same

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