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Request for help re: Magee Marshall & Co + Groves & Whitnall Ltd

OK we know we have been a bit quiet of late. Our webmaster is enjoying a well deserved break, having survived another academic year, relatively unscathed. He will be back shortly with lots of new content & ideas. In the meantime I am posting today in response to a request received via our webpages. So below is an edited version of the message we received.

 Hi there,
 I would to ask, through your newsletter, if any members would be able to help me track down a comprehensive selection of labels from both Magee Marshall & Co and Groves & Whitnall Ltd , as I am about to re-form the companies as producers, and would like to use some original style labels (with re design to meet statutory requirements ) on our bottled products.
If any your members are able to help by e mailing me with photos (as high a resolution as possible) of any labels in their collections, I would be very grateful.
Many thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Now obviously we will not publish contact details, as the spam storm would be unpleasant to say the least. So if you are willing to help, drop us an email to ‘Members’ via the contact page & we will put you in touch. There are of course a number of Groves & Whitnall labels in our ‘Featured Brewery >> England >> North West’ section, but if you have others or can help with Magee Marshall & Co., then please make the effort to help out. Of course the more help we provide, the more likely we are to receive examples of the new labels, perhaps in time for LOTY 2016.

Thanks in advance, Pete S


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