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Spot the difference #64; E & H Kelsey Ltd, Tunbridge Wells

Not really a competition item, but part of the way to tell you that labels from Kelsey’s Culverden Brewery in Tunbridge Wells have been added to our featured brewery section. Follow England > South East > Kelsey. I would like to thank Guy for providing the stimulus for finally sorting the images and for help with dating. I have dated these as pre 1920 when the name E & H Kelsey was first registered. Am I right?

Kelsey 2

4 Responses to Spot the difference #64; E & H Kelsey Ltd, Tunbridge Wells

  • Just checked out the E&H Kelsey’s gallery page. Very impressive!
    Are those paper ‘cap seal’ labels unique to Kelsey’s or did other breweries use them as well? They are so cool!
    I am sending in a scan of a Kelsey’s XXX Special Winter Ale that is not in the gallery yet. Hope it is posted soon. Check it out.

  • I know that Brickwoods also used this type of crimped paper cap seals. Therefore I am guessing others used them as well. It is probably a question of what has survived the 70 or 80 years.

  • Hi PeteS
    Yes, you are probably right. I’m guessing that not too many of this type of label survived as all those thirsty people back then probably were not to careful about how they ripped off these labels to get the crown cork off and drink the beer!

  • Hi PeterS
    I was just cruising through an album and came across one of those round paper cap seals in my collection that I had forgotten about!
    It is a Hartley’s, Ulverston, Ltd – Brown Ale label. I am total unsure as to the date though.

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