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Coronation Mystery Continues

To support the ongoing developments in the continuing story of Mystery Label #3, we have uploaded an image of the Warwicks & Richardsons Ltd neck label. This was used on all the bottles they produced in 1953, in lieu of a specific Coronation label.

Check out the latest comments under Mystery Label #3 on the ‘Blog’ for the current state of the investigation, the plot thickens as they say.

One Response to Coronation Mystery Continues

  • Ref Mystery Label #3.
    I have a neck label very similar to the Warwicks & Richardsons shown on the ‘Blog’ but the code is CN1 and much more of a pure chevron shape. The main difference is that there is no white strip along the centre line but the wording, crown ,date and flags are identical. This was sent to me as the Brutton, Mitchell Toms Coronation neck label but the crown design is different to that on the main label so I doubt that this neck label is from the same brewery for this event.
    I personally feel that it belongs on a bottle where the main label gives no mention of the Coronation because of all the information the chevron shows. Any further comments?

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