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Pictorial response to Mystery Label #7

I know this doesn’t guarantee the bottler, and even less does it tell us where it was in Scotland. My Brewers Directory for 1949 does not list a bottler as Imperial Bottling Co. So if it indeed existed, it must have closed prior to then. There is an Imperial Bottling Stores in Bradford. I don’t think the neck label matches this label.



2 Responses to Pictorial response to Mystery Label #7

  • Hi Peter
    Been digging through some old bottler information and I have found reference to the Imperial Bottling Co in Scotland that confirms that they had a ‘house brand’ or trade mark of ‘Crown Brand’. Indications are that their Nourishing Stout was thought to be brewed by Calders.

  • Excellent reading I must say !! I have mine under Jeffrey (red example and this beige one) but happy that Dale has indicated Calders. So nice that information is being shared. AGM

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