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Spot the difference #61; Tomson & Wotton

Alan has also sent in this pair from Tomson & Wotton. In his mail he suggested there may be one or two collectors who don’t have the pair. Not only do I not have the pair, I have never seen the variation on the left, or is it the right. I will have to check my album. OK it’s the one on the right I have not seen before. Had a look in our featured brewery section.

Three things I want to know. Which was issued first, I think I can tell that and when was each variation in use.

Also, who had to look in their collection to be sure which one they had?

Tomson & Wotton 2

2 Responses to Spot the difference #61; Tomson & Wotton

  • No I haven’t seen right hand one before & I am guessing this is the earlier of the two. Yet another one to add to the very long ● I WANT ● list

  • Ok, I confess to having to look but…….I do have them both!

    As to which was issued and used first, although I have no proof I think that the style used in the format of the brewer’s name with the ‘Ltd’ located below the ‘&’ is the style that was used on the earlier of the other labels from Tomson & Wotton in my collection.


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