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Mystery Label #5

Before we continue with Dale’s selection of unknown labels, I thought I would throw a couple into the ring, for you guys to think on.


It is probably 1930’s vintage and of course brewed for Harrods, but who by, probably a London brewer. However if you know who brewed this beer, please let us all know.



7 Responses to Mystery Label #5

  • Hi Peter
    Nice label.
    Firstly as to the date of the label; according to The British Postal Museum & Archive, prior to 1917, London was postcodes were only divided into Regional Districts i.e. N, E, W, S, SW etc. After 1917 the use of numbered sub-districts was implemented. As your Harrods mystery label only displays an S.W., there is a possibility that it is pre-1917!
    Secondly as to the location of the brewery; I have a couple of Harrods labels in my collection that are likely from the 1950s and were brewed and bottled by H & G Simonds of Reading.
    I sure hope all the knowledgeable labologists out there can assist with all our Mystery Labels (hint, hint!!!)

  • Hi Peter
    Found some additional info on the possible date to your mystery label from Harrods.
    The phone number on the label is indicated as ‘SLOANE 1234’. This means that it was on the Sloane exchange which would have used this number on a manual exchange, meaning all calls went through an operator, as opposed to a mechanical exchange where you would have been able to dial directly by dialling ‘SLO-1234’ where the SLO are digits 756. The Sloane exchange went mechanical in late 1926.
    This with the info on postal exchange info would indicated a date no later that 1926 and possibly a date before 1917 for your label.

  • Thanks Dale. You had more success than me with telephone exchange history. So we can safely say that date of the label is c 1920, but no suggestions yet as to the brewer. Come on guys someone must have an idea.

  • This label is Fremlins. I picked mine up from Miss Joan CONNEW who was a very good friend and so so knowledgable. She has since past away at a very old age a few years ago now.

  • Hi Peter
    Congratulations on the successfully solving your Mystery Label!
    Hope we can get loads more successfully solved as well.
    Many thanks to Alan for his definitive info!
    Where are all you other Labologists out there????!!!!!
    Get involved and have some fun in solving these Mystery Labels!!!!!

  • Many thanks for the info Alan. Definitely a bonus coming from Fremlin, perhaps I ought to buy a lottery ticket this week.

  • The responses to these posts are getting better and better. Both the Spot the difference series and the Mystery labels are beginning to serve a real purpose. I know know a lot more than I new a couple of months ago. Keep it up guys. Peter, have you sorted where the Tithe Barn is, and sorted which brewery trip it was we met?

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