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Mystery Label #1

We all have them; some of us have more than others. Mystery Labels!

You know the ones, those that you just cannot attribute to a specific company.

Who was the brewer? When was it issued?

Some of my Mystery Labels are front labels, some are back labels some are neck straps and some are the complete suite? Some are old some, some are newer, but all present a mystery in some form or another!
So here is the point of this thread – Is there anyone out there who can help? Anyone got any clues that might help solve the mystery?

Mystery Label #1

My first Mystery Label is an older one. It has been laying around waiting to be linked to a brewer, so that I can place it in my collection. I got it in early 1992 and it is obviously linked to a Scottish brewer, located in Edinburgh, but which one? And what about the very interesting symbols on this label, what do they mean or represent?

Let me know if you have any info! This is the place to post and share your knowledge.
Cheers Dale

8 Responses to Mystery Label #1

  • Sadly I know absolutely nothing about this label. Perhaps we should contact the Scottish Brewery Archive in the hope that someone up there knows.

  • Well I reckon it is from McEwans, but as for the symbols well! Could they be pub names/signs? Are the masonic perhaps or more generally religious? As it rather looks like the Ark on a mountain and it is of course Mountain Brand.
    Anyway perhaps these suggestions will provoke further ideas.
    Any of you guys from north of the border have anything to add or do we need to ask the SBA?

  • We are already getting additional images for this series, and I detect a Scottish theme dominating. So the society members from North of the border need to exercise their fingers.

  • Well, still no clues as to the origin of this label! So far my best guess has been Younger’s. I did not include this in the original post as I was hoping to get someone to confirm. Surely there is someone out there that knows so I am still have my fingers crossed that some info will flow in!

  • Interesting discussion. A set of ‘best guesses’ rather than answers. I cant imagine there is anyone who knows for sure.

  • I have the label under Jeffrey’s !! No proof and yes it is from over 40 years of collecting. I have a feeling Scotland will crop up in lots of labels collectors have queries over. AGM

  • Hello I have an old case of Guinness foreign extra stout full of unopened bottles with labels that read bottled by f. 16 a. Guinness , son & do limited there is also red lettering that reads L 52. 520606 and the picture of the harp above it . The bottles are all full and unopened with the labels intact in the original box . Any info on its age and possible collectors value would be much appreciated thanks .

  • Hi Will,
    Generally speaking, the ‘L52 520606’ would indicate that it was bottled on 06 06 1952 in that the date is the number on the label in reverse. As to value it is difficult to say but may be in the range of a few pounds to maybe teens?

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