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Spot the Difference #12

You have to wait ages for a new spot the difference and then two come along on the same day. This time two Harman’s of Uxbridge XXXX Strong Ale labels.Harman

3 Responses to Spot the Difference #12

  • I only collect labels from breweries in Uxbridge and I have never seen one of these labels without registered trade mark above the beer type. I would like to know if there are other labels in this series with these words absent. Thank you in advance, Ted

  • Hi Ted
    I am sorry. This is the only one like this I have in my collection. Hopefully, other members will have more information. I too would like to know if there are others to look out for.

  • Hi Ted, there is at least one other in the series without the “Registered Trade Mark” wording as I have a Garland Ale (silver, red lettering, green garland) without this legend (as well as the Strong Ale)

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