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Site Update

We have today added labels from David John & Co of the Pentre Brewery. You can find them HERE

We have also improved the look of the very early labels from Simpson’s of Baldock. You can find them HERE

And as part of our work to simplify the site and make it easier to find the images you want, the Brewers in… section has been moved to the appropriate region. So South East has a folder entitled Brewers in Kent which contains labels from Kentish brewers that don’t have their own folder. Brewers currently in this folder that have their own folder will be removed. Gradually all labels in the alphabetical sections will move to the appropriate region, labels in Brewers in Kent were first. Similarly for other regions of the UK. It will make it easier to increase the range of breweries featured in Gallery. Brewers in Sussex should appear in the next week or so.

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