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Cask Labels #31; Greenslade Brothers

I have had a number of requests to continue this theme of labels intended for beer in cask, actually a small number, well OK, one. But that is one more than most requests. So off we go with a really obscure brewery, and I guess, a fairly scarce label from Greenslade Brothers of the St Mary Church Brewery in Torquay, which was taken over by Plymouth Breweries in 1925.

2 Responses to Cask Labels #31; Greenslade Brothers

  • Very different, I presume it was a generic label that was filled with beer details. Does anyone have an example of a completed one?

  • Some smaller breweries would not consider it cost effective to have a series of labels for each of the beers they brewed. A larger stock of generic labels would serve whatever they brewed, including where necessary, a seasonal brew.

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