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Spot the Difference #149; John Davenport and Sons Brewery

Today we move on to a second important difference found on some labels. By important, I mean there are collectors who look for these particular differences to add to their collections. Yes it’s the dreaded apostrophe. I know we have featured a pair of Best Bitter labels from this brewery in the past, but I am sure you won’t mind another pair. My guess is that the company had no idea of the correct punctuation and so had different sets produced, the dates are nearly identical. The dies used are slightly different in a number of ways. 

One Response to Spot the Difference #149; John Davenport and Sons Brewery

  • Granted they look like dates but is that definitely the case? I have a Brown Ale – Davenports’ form – which states ‘BOTTLED 0/1/0’. Also, could the right hand label text ‘BOTTLED BY’ perhaps indicates it is a detailed bottling reference?

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