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Spot the Difference #147; Mauldon & Sons

There are not many occasions when labels are printed on pink paper. The die used for both these Pale Ale labels appears to be identical, at least it is using my comparator tool. It is possible that the pink paper was in use first and the white replaced it because it had greater contrast. Most collectors are happy to have one coloured paper but are always happy to add a second, different colour, if the price is right.

One Response to Spot the Difference #147; Mauldon & Sons

  • I have a pair of these but my pink papered label appears to be of a somewhat lighter hue than that above. Although I expect the red ink used for the two was the same, on my pink version the ink appears deeper and darker than on my white backed version (the colouration of which appears similar to the scan above). Perhaps, if the suggested chronology is correct, inconsistencies in the pink paper sourced and consequent variations in label batches received contributed to the revision?

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