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Spot the Difference #146; Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery Co

Collectors of beer bottle labels come with all sorts of preferences; age, geography, beer type, bottler to name a few. I am frequently asked about the small differences featured in this blog. Who looks for them? I thought it would be useful to feature some of those differences, starting with different coloured paper. Two labels Extra Stout labels here from Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery. Is it simply a phone call to say ‘We’ve run out of the usual paper, is it OK to use a slightly darker version?’ or was it a decision at board level to change colour? We will possibly never know, but we can still enjoy. Perhaps collectors can tell us their preferences.

One Response to Spot the Difference #146; Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery Co

  • Nice labels , I donated some to the Shropshire Archives , the stout was among them , i’ll try and find a photo and post it ; i’m certain it was a different background to either of the two examples shown ; cheers all,

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