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She looks familiar #1 and Mystery labels #30

The queue lengthens! This pair was sent to me from Scotland by a collector who wishes to be only described as ‘A Scottish Collector’. Intriguing. I have the label on the left, but the other was unknown to me. The Crystal Spring Brewery is not one that I know, and nor does the Brewery History Society. Some help would be appreciated.

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  • Interesting Labels , I`ve not heard of The Crystal Spring Brewery , though it could be that It was a contract brewed beer produced in Scotland for the Bottlers / Merchant in a similar fashion to the firm which used to brew at Hartley`s of Ulverston ( Lancashire ) with their own brewer ?? ,
    Cheers All ,

  • Google suggests there were several breweries of this name in Canada and the USA. Could it have been an export label for a generic scotch ale?

  • They are export labels from George Younger & Son Ltd.

    Other Scottish Bottling Agency labels exist which are pre-war so I would assume that these are too.

  • Thank you Janusz, this is very helpful. Do you know of other labels with Crystal Spring Brewery named?


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