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Spot the Difference #144; Ballingall & Son Ltd

It has clearly struck a chord with some collectors (about 4) that contributions are gratefully received and we can continue the Scottish export label theme with these three (again) from Ballingall & Son of Dundee. I don’t think it will be quite so easy to try to distinguish between the three but we would love you to try.

4 Responses to Spot the Difference #144; Ballingall & Son Ltd

  • How Do To All ,
    L – R : Pale (ish) Export , Brewery Bottled , Middle : Same Beer , Out Bottling and on the right , A darker version , Brewery Bottled .
    Thanks to Peter D for the reminder to post my response here as well as on Twitter ,
    Cheers ,

  • Are you certain ‘Heavy’ means darker?

  • I`m reasonably sure , though it could be that the `Heavy` was a bottled version of their standard bitter beer .
    I`d imagine that the Heavy was really a version of the Pale Export , with an admixture of Brewer`s Caramel for colour correction at the time the beer was processed , as this would have been a Filtred and Pasteurised product line .

  • I received a comment via our twitter feed from Ron Pattinson to confirm our thoughts that Heavy just means strong in Scottish brewing terminology.

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