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Spot the Difference # 137; Lacon’s Great Yarmouth

Yesterday was one of the best attended, liveliest and seriously interesting meetings for label collectors in London for a long time. The auction of labels from Des Clarke’s collection raised a substantial 4 figure sum and early examination of the latest acquisition by the society caused many a ripple of excitement. I am always pleased to discover a small variation that I was previously unaware of, so here are two XXX Ale labels from Lacon’s of Great Yarmouth and I guess you could pick them both up for a pound.

One Response to Spot the Difference # 137; Lacon’s Great Yarmouth

  • Hi All,
    The differences I can spot (apart from the colour differences ) are ,
    The bird is clearly a falcon in the left hand label, there’s also a spacing difference on the right hand X of the same label .

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