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Christmas Gifts from the Society

We have obtained a number of the labels pictured here, and we are pleased to be able to offer both of them as a gift, initially to members of the Society. If you are not a member of the Society, there will need to be a delay because we are committed to offering to members first. Or you could ask to join the Society. A trial membership costs just £3 until the end of March and would entitle you to participate in Society activities, meetings and label auctions, as well as being able to snap up these labels immediately.
Just reply to us in the box below

4 Responses to Christmas Gifts from the Society

  • Hello.
    I am hoping you might be able to help me.
    I am searching for a label or some memorabilia that deals with Ramsden brewing.
    This would be a Christmas gift for my husband.
    I have done and extensive search online, and really don’t know what other terms I can use,
    Although I will keep trying.
    I did see one on eBay U.K. And thought I did order and ship to my friend, but have
    since found out it did not go through, and is no longer available. Ebay is not my friend.
    If you can direct me to some one that sells labels, advertisement, anything I could frame, I
    Would be so grateful.
    Anxiously awaiting your reply,
    Joanne Ramsden

  • Hi Peter,
    I’m interested in the labels, if they are still available. What do I need to do to arrange this? I’m a member so assume you have my postal address.

  • Joanne,

    FYI, There is a Ramsden ashtray on eBay for sale at the moment which could be a suitable gift. Here:

  • Thank you. I did purchase the ashtray. I must have something from the brewery with his surname. Somehow he found a Guinness/ Ramsden … that would be the end all, so I am still searching for a label. I become somewhat fixated on a goal, and a label it is. If anyone knows or sees anything I would appreciate the nudge.
    Thanks Colin!

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