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Label Of The Year – The Results

Just a quick post to let you know images of the winning labels are now available on the site.

For those of you who missed the LOTY meetings or who are just interested in modern beer labels & graphic design, the pics can be found HERE

Photos of the LOTY meeting, will follow in next day or so, as I am always late with these updates. Sorry


2 Responses to Label Of The Year – The Results

  • Some lovely labels yet again. But surely there should have been some sort of penalty for the explicit language on the ubrew entry at no3!? What will grace our labels next – delicious beer for c*#%×?

  • Every year I look at the labels we have decided are worthy of an award and think ‘ How can anyone have voted for that?’ However it is not our job to question the members vote or to try to influence choices. For the record I think that all 10 labels in the set of labels section are a much better design and more aesthetically pleasing than all three standard label winners.

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