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Unusual names for a Stout #11; Archangel XXXXXXX

Several people thought we might follow the Polar Stout with this lovely label from Simonds of Reading who brewed a Stout specially for the Arctic. Perhaps we were wrong to suggest that an ice cold Stout would not be a successful brew. This was a long lived brew, building on the fact that it had been commissioned for the Arctic voyage. A well known beer history blogger has stated that the beer would have been thick and sweet.

4 Responses to Unusual names for a Stout #11; Archangel XXXXXXX

  • Known today no doubt, as Putin’s Pleasure 7X
    Available at your local gulag, comrade.

  • Another version of this label I have not got! I have three different rectangular vertical labels but this rectangular vertical appears to be earlier.

  • I thought it was first brewed for a particular arctic expedition. I remember talking to collector’s about 25 years ago about it.

  • As Trevor points out there are some interesting differences between this (earlier) label and the smaller labels.

    ‘The Hop Leaf’ is shown outside the logo and there are much finer details throughout – including what appears to be a sailor waving on the right hand boat – or is it a brown bear!?

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