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Spot the Difference #127; Fuller, Smith & Turner Ltd

A trio today. Not our usual, here is a design difference you may not have noticed before, which has helped many a collector find labels to add to their collection at little cost. No-one is going to pick up one of these three for next to nothing. However, I guess many of you will be happy to gaze and hope. It is also an opportunity to point out that Fullers are one of our Corporate members and as well as having a prominent position on our website, a wonderful display of their labels can be found in our gallery HERE

One Response to Spot the Difference #127; Fuller, Smith & Turner Ltd

  • Where does one begin I wonder, well I am going the easy way? The one part of the design which is pretty much the same in all 3 is the big red central lump with wings (No not the griffin). Even that has minor differences and of course the outer oval of dots & inner white oval are the same. Everything else differs from label to label. The griffin has had several makeovers as he(?) has become much more benign in appearance & smaller.
    I wonder how many collectors have ignored one or more of these labels over the years, assuming wrongly that they are the same as the one they have in their collection (I wish)
    Anyway keep those magnifying glasses polished.

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