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Spot the Difference #125; George Younger & Son Ltd

A first I thought this was just another of those slightly different colour pairs, but these Strong Ale labels from Alloa contain a myriad of tiny differences. We could have used this in a competition to see who can find the most. Let’s get a few responses in this time.

4 Responses to Spot the Difference #125; George Younger & Son Ltd

  • Print!
    Alloa to Produce.

  • This series never fails to provide interest. Looking at the words STRONG ALE all the letters appear to be the same, or very nearly the same, except N which is at a different angle and slightly wider on the label to the left

  • At first sight, you think that the print pressure was greater on the left hand label. You look gain & you think, no it’s the other way round. Then you look properly and lo & behold real differences become apparent.
    The length of ‘Produce of Great Britain’ is different. ‘STRONG ALE’ is also different not just the ‘N’
    Also I believe the ‘GEORGE YOUNGER & SONS’ is marginally different and finally the little green curly thing below ‘ST’ is also different in both size & shape.
    Thats my lot for this pair.

  • All are useful comments and we are grateful for that. The question that will remain unanswered is, of course, why?

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