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Spot the Difference #122; John Baxter Ltd

Two purposes again today. First and it is a tough one this; are there enough differences between these two Oatmeal Stout labels to justify the inclusion of both labels in a collection?

Secondly; we have added labels from John Baxter’s Glen Top Brewery in Waterfoot to our featured brewery section. You can find the images HERE

3 Responses to Spot the Difference #122; John Baxter Ltd

  • Not for me Pete! I am staying in more, on your advice, but these are minuscule type setting differences so essentially it is the same label. But as I have said before, you pays your money and make your own decision!

  • I think these are in effect the same label. The red on the right hand label is well out of register and the stock (base material) is lighter. Other than that I think the small differences are due to ink viscosity & the pressure on the printing plate.

  • I think the Devil is correct. But then he usually is. The point is surely; would both labels find a place in a collection?

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