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Spot the Difference #121; Burt & Co, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Two purposes here. One is to let you know that a number of labels from Burt’s Ventnor Brewery have been uploaded to the Featured Brewery section of the website. You can find them HERE

And where does this pair of Burt’s Pale Ale labels fit into the ‘Differences’ discussion. I say discussion, because more than one person has contributed. It would indeed be useful if more members made their views known.


3 Responses to Spot the Difference #121; Burt & Co, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

  • Clearly different Peter because the right hand label mentions the Isle of Wight (I.W.)

  • I hadn’t seen the one on the left before, I must look a bit harder in future. It’s beginning to look as if there were two sets of these labels, one with I.W. and one without. I have an NBA without the I.W. albeit with a different design.

  • Always good to hear that this series contributes to collectors’ knowledge and provides a focus for future collecting. And there is one other person who is now looking for a 1960s Golden IPA.

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