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Spot the Difference #120; Strong & Co of Romsey

I think Eric has raised an important point here and it would be very interesting to hear others point of view. To help us clarify our thoughts, which of Eric’s categories does this pair of Black Bess Stout labels fit into. Best thing was Geoff bought one of the labels because he wanted the stopper label which went with it and only realised he had a variation of the main label as well, when he opened the packet.

2 Responses to Spot the Difference #120; Strong & Co of Romsey

  • Hi All,
    Other than the border and a slight difference in the blaze on the forehead of ‘Black Bess’ , the only other spot is typeface ,
    Highly apposite label , given that Strong’s brewery name was the “Horsefair Brewery” .
    Sadly not got round to looking at any Strong’s records yet ( From either No 1,2or No3 Brewery , all @ Romsey !!)

  • Interesting Peter. I would say they are different because the right hand label size appears to be larger (wider) and the different colour border is not really a minor printing difference, is it? I suppose it comes back to – you pay your money and make your own decision!

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