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Spot the Difference #119; Workington Brewery Co Ltd

Yet another difference that was previously unknown to me until the label on the left arrived in the post this week. The John Peel XXX Export Ale has been in my collection for a long time and every time I examine the ‘new’ addition, I see another difference. Another lovely addition to the collection.

4 Responses to Spot the Difference #119; Workington Brewery Co Ltd

  • Hi Peter. I think you need to get out more! While I agree that there are differences between the 2, aren’t they basically printing differences so that the labels are essentially the same. Cheers, Eric

  • Yep I accept some of the differences may be down to the adjustment of the printing press, but…… may be not.
    The Xs are definitely different, the glass is fuller in right hand label & bottle is bigger. The vertical lines before & after JP are longer & smoother on the right hand again and the horizontal lines below chair are different on right once again.
    Oh & John Peel has his mouth open in left hand label & he has combed his hair in the right hand one

  • Yes, while I confess that I really ought to get out more, I have also learned of a couple more differences that I hadn’t seen before. Perhaps Eric should stay in more.

  • 15 all! But there is a serious point here! Surely, typesetting differences (from the era when that’s what printers did) are not truly differences at all in label terms. Yes, of course, if additional items/words appear on the label that means we have a different label to collect but if it is just a question of a letter in the printing being a slightly different shape (the “X” example) then, to my mind, that is not a different label. Pay your money and make your choice I guess!

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