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Guinness Collectables Volume 2

I am writing the long overdue “The Guide to Guinness Collectables, volume 2”. Since the first book, much material has come to light that cries out for publishing. I will not duplicate anything from the first book, it will be all new but quality /vintage material, apart from the new ES and FES bottles and cans. New sections will be added on early show cards, Gilroy poster oil paintings and sketches, stone bottles, die cast vehicles, signs, labels, ashtrays and tea towels. When this book is done I hope that most of the better Guinness marketing merchandise will have been covered. I envisage a 9×9 inch hard back book very similar in size to my first book, 250 pages, all colour with some 1400 images and descriptions. It will be sold at cost to all those who request a copy and as such I need to get the publicity to collectors to see how many I need to print. I will advise the cost when I know numbers.

Please send me an e mail to to pre-order and reserve a copy.

If you have special items in your collection you would like to see in the book, do send me a good quality image with any details you have such as size, material, date made,etc.

Thanks & Regards

David Hughes

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