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Advent Calendar #24, the solution and replies

We will start with the solution and judging by the number of emails we received many of you sorted it out. This is the correct way to view the labels.

We received a record 8 contributions from all parts of the globe. Actually three parts of the globe which we were really pleased about. First mail was from Nick, who thought my taste in music was really obscure. First correct solution was mailed at 11 minutes past 2 on Sunday afternoon from Pete S, who also wrote ‘ Ain’t the Internet great for advent quiz answers’. Brendan Bush was more explicit, he wrote ‘ I stared at the labels from a few minutes, the only thing that sprung to mind was Rolling Stones, so I googled their albums, found Beggars Banquet and then inspected the track listing’. Yorkshire Terrier knew the album, but complained that I had used an obscure track , so he had to resort to the internet and I suspect Geoff did the same, although I could be wrong there. Eric got his solution in by 3.30 together with an approving nod to the particular track, and Charlie D after an initial comment, ‘this is hard’ got the correct answer at 9.15. Sometime in the middle of the night, a mail arrived from A Brewer, who is associated with the Lion Brewery in New Zealand, thanking us for using their Crafty Beggars beers and sending the collage above, which is brilliant. Finally there was a mail from Gary in Indiana who complained that he never puts his laptop on on Christmas Day or Boxing Day so how did we expect him to be first. Fair point, I suppose. All in all, Advent Calendar 2017 a success, we think.

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