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Advent Calendar Day 8

Sorry to go on about the meeting last weekend in Norwich, but I thought it was a huge success. Superb effort by Nick and Eric, with some help from friends in the Norfolk media. I thought there might be some interest in this label from Greene, King of Bury St Edmunds, (what no St. Edmund?) Bottled by Roy’s at East Dereham, not in Wroxham, or Royville, as visitors tend to think. Thanks to Keith for bringing his Norfolk album and allowing people to view some labels they would otherwise never get to see.

2 Responses to Advent Calendar Day 8

  • Personally I would have put Greene King in Suffolk, but who am I to criticise?

  • Wow! I knew it didn’t read quite right, but to get a response is just fantastic. Thank you Brendan. Geoff is usually the one who points out geographical anomalies. It was the Norwich and Bury St Edmunds album.

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