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Where Are We Today #1?

Just a silly post, but who knows may start a regular new theme on our blog. Anyone who is local, please refrain from spoiling the suspense.

Plenty of clues of course in the picture, oh and of course there are absolutely no prizes!

And who is the person with the white coat?

2 Responses to Where Are We Today #1?

  • Thought I’d leave it for a bit of time before swooping in; that is the Irwell Works Brewery in Ramsbottom. As for the person in the white coat, well, whoever it is, I’ll bet they were a happy man 10 minutes later!

  • Spot on, of course. Almost your local, I believe.
    White coat man, might have going to the supermarket round the corner, but you are right.
    Also you probably met him at Outstanding Brewery back in October.

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