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Mystery Label #26

Keith has provided this image, which he would welcome your thoughts upon.

Now he has a theory regarding this label, but before we share this, would you let us know what you know or suspect.


As we now have some input (thank you guys), we have added another 2 images, which may help to confirm (or not) Keith’s theory which, goes like this.

I am wondering whether the Chapman’s label is in fact Chapman & Co. of the Black Lion Brewery, Brighton?

They ceased around the turn of the 20th century and business was bought by the Rock Brewery, Brighton. However, the premises were sold to Fremlins in 1914 and used by them as a bottling store.  Did they unearth the recipe for English Ale whilst in occupation?

5 Responses to Mystery Label #26

  • How about Chapmans Tower Brewery Worthing or is that too obvious?

  • Chapman’s Black Lion Brewery, Brighton would be my guess !!

  • Don’t think it’s Chapmans of Worthing. My suggestion would be a bottler for Fremlins as the label looks very similar to one of their label designs

  • Hi , I’ll have to dig in the notebooks, but I’m sure there’s some brewing data out there for Chapman’s Black Lion Brewery, also, I believe that A C(Chaston) Chapman , author of a book (technical) on brewing Ca 1912 was related to the owning family ; The book was reprinted by Cambridge University Press Can 2012 ?? .

  • Would love to see a pictorial history of this label, A bit like my request for similar on the Kelsey/Flowers etc Dragons Blood Label

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