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Mystery Label #25

Keith has sent in a  series of questions concerning this label.  I really hope someone out there can help.

Could this be R Baxter & Co., Export Brewery, Sandwich, Kent?  I do not think it is Baxter, Northallerton (later Arrol) or Baxter, Sherborne.

The trade mark looks Dutch or from a Dutch-speaking part of the world – similar to the Orangeboom trade mark?

To have any link with the Baxter of Sandwich the date must be 1880s – does the label look more recent?    A similar font around the edge was used by Ind Coope & Co on some early export labels.

OR it could be a spoof label (made up name to advertise a printer maybe?      There are a number of spoof labels in circulation, which appear to originate in Belgium.

Can any Belgian collectors shed any light on the agent in Enghien?


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