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Cask Labels #13

Very pleasing to have had a few comments recently and this should bring a few more. The Mortlake Brewery was bought by Charles Phillips in 1852 and soon afterwards was transferred to a partnership between Phillips and James Wigan. At that time output from the brewery was less than 5% of that of London’s largest brewers. The Phillips and Wigan partnership lasted until 1877 when Wigan bought a brewery in Bishops Stortford. This dates this label quite well. The brewery finally closed in 2015, sparing it any further, the indignity of brewing Budweiser.


2 Responses to Cask Labels #13

  • OK, I give up! What does the E-I-P-A stand for????
    Very nice to see such firm dating what with the 187_ on the label and the history provided!

  • That will be East India Pale Ale. The beer was shipped from the East India Dock in Blackwall, by the East India Company to the Eastern side of British India. Simples.

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