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Almost all collectors would not look twice at a Pale Ale label from Wadworths of Devizes. In meetings you couldn’t get anyone to part with 10p for a pile of 100. Few would even look once at the label if it appeared on an internet auction site. So why did I examine one in a packet of labels that arrived in the post this morning. Can you see why?


Some good feedback on the Northampton labels, thank you. Sadly we have received no answers to any of our questions yet. Here are two more of their labels. Unusually the ‘Trade Mark’ label is the earlier one and dates from the 1930s and the other is the post war variation. It would be nice to hear from anyone who could confirm those dates but from past experience this is unlikely to happen.

Northampton 3

Another set of images sent in by Steve B. This pair of labels from George Beer & Rigden of Faversham, which are not too challenging to see, and a bunch of other labels from breweries in Kent. These will go up in the next few hours and include lovely examples from the West Kent Brewery and George Beer from Steve and also Jude, Hanbury & Co of both Wateringbury and Canterbury courtesy of Mike J. I am very envious.

George Beer & Rigden

Well someone had to dig out the old (yes 48 years) favourite. Did you watch England win the World Cup live in 1966?? The Jules Rimet trophy in those far off days. If so you probably remember the name of the mascot on the labels below.

Watney Mann - World Cup Ale

And never let it be said we do not give good value for our post (unlike a certain national service provider), a Spot The Difference & World Cup #2 all in one post. Just lazy really!

Now if you remember the mascots name, what was the name of the dog who found the Jules Rimet trophy after it was stolen.

“Step away from the search button, now Sir!”