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The colour difference is the first thing I noticed, then there is the fact that Barrett, who bottled a lot of Fuller’s Beers at the Tiptree off-licence, also had premises  at Westcliffe-on-Sea, a suburb of Southend, comparatively much farther away.

Fuller Kelvedon

I have been a bit busy. However, I felt I had to add this pair to the Spot the difference section. One of them I have had in my collection for a number of years, the other is a recent acquisition and I nearly missed it.  Do others get that buzz of excitement when labels like this turn up? It has highlighted a problem which will delight one or two of you. Which album does it go in, Lancashire or Staffordshire?


This pair shows a change in design following the acquisition by Greenall, Whitley and Co Ltd of Warrington. The label on the left includes the Burton on Trent address; Magee’s brewed there in the former Bell’s Brewery from 1902 to 1904. The one on the right dates from 1959 when Magee’s joined the Greenall Whitley group, whilst continuing to brew in Bolton. I do not believe that design lasted for 55 years! Perhaps there is another explanation.

Crown pair

One of a few tasters before we upload the Magee’s labels to the featured brewery section. Here are a pair of Strong Ale labels which were in use in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. I have no idea when they redesigned the label , perhaps someone does. It would appear to me that although the man in the one one on the left would appear to be earlier, the font seems to be later. Interesting!

Strong Ale pair

Geoff was so fired up by the meeting yesterday and his adventures afterward in the Four Quarters, Peckham,  he sent in this stunning pair of Guinness labels, for Extra Stout bottled by Cooper & Co of Southampton. I was so impressed I published immediately.

Cooper Guinness

Too much work and not enough play has left me exhausted, but definitely not dull. Just to let you know I am still around, here are a pair from Robert Younger. I had not seen the example on the right before; another one of those devices to identify a printer?

Robert Younger

Thank you to Dale who spotted the differences in design in Spot the difference #79 and sent in this pair as #80. A good addition as we head towards our second birthday. I am guessing there were the same variations for the Friary Ale and IPA. That is an invitation!!!

Friary 2

We have just added labels from the Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ltd to our featured brewery section.

In England > Yorkshire and Humber or you could just click here

Thank you to our Chairman, Dale, who suggested this set after seeing the IPA label on Stan’s Desert Island beer labels and to whet your appetite, here is a pair of Allbright Ale labels. We are not sure of the dates of these two, although the one on the left may be from the 1930s. Was the one on the right not brewed at Scarborough? Can you help?

Scarborough & Whitby


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